(only this issue has B7)
Editor: Jeff Morris
Publisher: The St. Louis Celestial Intervention Agency, Inc. (fan club)
Date: 1988
Format: letter size, 161 text pp. + [17] pp. zine ads, pale gray card covers, black comb binding

B7 fiction
Ann Wortham, "Nobody's Side" (S3, post-Powerplay; J)
Mary Morris, "Blood Relationships" (alt-S4, post-Orbit; A-V; vampires)
Jeff Morris, "A Job for Heroes!" (S3; Ta; humor)
Linda Evans, "Chance Meeting" (S5; A-V)

B7 poetry
Nora Schneeburger, "Gauda Prime" (f, Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue)
Nora Schneeburger, "Hey, Vila" (f, Hey, Paula)
Jan Grokett, "Behind the Icy Barriers" (S4; A-C)

B7 art
Leah Rosenthal front c. A-DW
back c. back of scene on front
Christopher Cook p. 3 A-DW cartoon
p. 118 A-Ta; cartoon illo for "A Job"
p. 120 cartoon illo for "A Job"
p. 122 cartoon illo for "A Job"
p. 161 Warner Bros. parody cartoon
inside back c. Warner Bros. parody cartoon
Laura Virgil p. 20 J
p. 73 A-Ta; silhouette illo for "Blood"
p. 89 A-V
Nora Schneeburger p. 21 So; cartoon illo for "GP"
p. 57 cartoon illo for "Hey, V"
p. 100 V
Linda Evans p. 155 V

Other fandom: DW

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