Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

And here's my very favorite of the Round-heeled Robins, together with two more goodies for Tarrant fanciers and a crossover by a familiar Klingon (Yuchtar, are you still with us?).

The former Robin is now "Mind Games," with the original vignette inserted into a virtual-reality plot. Even though I like the frame story, I think I might actually have preferred to see the inner story standing on its own. It's the only sex story I can think of that involves the Decimas, and very funny it is, too. It's such a clever idea that I regret seeing it reduced, as it were, to a mere fantasy. Recommended!

"An Embarassment of Riches" opens with farce, as Dayna plays an embarrassing practical joke on Avon and Tarrant. It then takes a more serious turn, as the two of them take the opportunity to become better acquainted.

"Life Watch" is basically serious but with some funny elements. After the events of Deathwatch, Tarrant suddenly seems to find Avon irresistable. An earlier remark by Vila gives us a clue as to why that may be happening-- perhaps.

Yuchtar's story pairs Avon with Straker of UFO. It's an interesting idea, but I felt that the plot suffered as a result of overemphasis on the sex. How, you may reasonably ask, can there be too much sex? Well, it's just that the necessary setup for the crossover cries out for more explanation than it gets; and I can't help but feel that Avon would be inclined, both out of scientific curiousity and his famous sense of self-preservation, to spend more time worrying about what's going on and relatively less time considering Straker's charms, considerable as they are.

Nice presentation, yummy art. The first issue of this zine just won a STIFfie for "best multimedia zine."


Editor: Kathryn Agel
Publisher: Straight Up Press (Bayonne, NJ)
Date: May 1998
Format: letter size, 163 pp., gray marbled paper front cover with clear plastic overlay, black card back cover, red comb binding

B7 fiction:
Willa Shakespeare, "An Embarrassment of Riches" (S3; A/Ta)
Willa Shakespeare, "Life Watch" (S3, post-Deathwatch; A/Ta)
Yuchtar zantai-Klaan, "Time Rift" (S3; UFO crossover; A/Straker)
Willa Shakespeare, "Mind Games" (S3; A/Ta, past A/B)

B7 art:
Val Westall p. 12 nude A
p. 14 nude A in shower
p. 50 A/Ta
p. 54 A/Ta
p. 115 A/Ta
p. 119 A/Ta kiss

Other fandoms: RP, SAAB, RP, DS, SeaQuest, UNCLE, XF

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Last updated on 20th of March 2001.