Editor: Joseph Collins Edwin
Publisher: The Followers of Who?
Date: 1985
Format: letter size

B7 fiction:
Kathy Hintze, "Deadly Reflection" (S3)
Sheila Paulson, "The Circles of Time" (S4; C; Max and the Master crossover; later reprinted as "Stranger in a Strange Land," part 1 of 3 in CIRCLES IN TIME)

B7 poetry:
Vikki Weidner, "Conflicting Desires" (A), later reprinted in INTERFACE #10
"Aileve," untitled poem (A/Anna), later reprinted in INTERFACE #10

B7 art:
Vikki Weidner front c. A
p. 5 V; tp for "Deadly"
p. 10 Se, A
p. 13 V-D
p. 38 S4 A, reprinted in INTERFACE #10
p. 41 A/Anna, reprinted in INTERFACE #10
Gin Turpin p. 63 The Master; illo for "Circles"

Other fandoms: DW, Robin Hood, Avengers, Modesty Blaise, Prisoner

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