DWB (Doctor Who Bulletin for 1-61 and Dreamwatch Bulletin for 61-130? ) had B7 content in over 30 issues. I think it ended with issue 130, September 1994, and then became Dreamwatch.

DWB produced two tradepaper books based on its first 100 issues. The DWB COMPENDIUM lists contents of first 100 issues on pp. 131-2. It reprinted three B7 related articles. On pp. 119-123 is the B7 Ratings Guide (69) and the B7 Merchandise Guide, updated & revised (*76). B7 is mentioned in Telefantasy Archives (93) , pp. 124-6, as are Star Maidens, Children of the Stones (both GT shows), and Survivors (created by Terry Nation). Not a worthwhile buy for the B7 fan. *It mislabels this as 66.

The DWB INTERVIEW FILE reprinted interviews which are revised and updated. The four B7 ones are Gareth Thomas (73), Michael Keating (97), Jacqueline Pearce (81), and Paul Darrow (85), pp.162-173. The DWB INTERVIEW FILE uses a rare Thomas photo from SUTHERLAND'S LAW "The Sea". I didn't compare all four interviews, but Thomas's is very changed from 73. Recommended.

In the DWB INTERVIEW FILE is, also, Ian Scoones, pp. 92-3, who was interviewed in 4 DWB's and talked about B7 in two of them--94 & 95. Be warned he doesn't like Gareth Thomas.

These issues listed have B7. Please note most don't even have one full page of B7. 108 is a definite winner as it's a B7 special. Also recommended are 66, 73, 76, 81, 85, 97, 101, and 125.

66 (6/89--cover mention, Blake in the 90's, Avon: A Terrible Aspect & misc. pp 9-12. Called a B7 special.)
67 (7/89--p. 2, Technical Manual, Vol. One p. 9.)
69 (cover mention, B7 ratings pp. 38-39; B7: The Next Generation p. 17.)
73 (1/90--Gareth Thomas 2 page interview pp. 32-3.)
76 (4/90--has nice color front cover of lst season B7 cast which is the first ever non-DW cover; merchandise guide pp. 9-11. Frankly, I'd buy this just for the cover alone. Actually, I did.)
77 (cover mention, video reviews of Beginning, Duel, Orac, Aftermath pp. 22-23. Also, B7 on pp. 2, 8, 15, 18, 21. [VR = video reviews hereafter]--Most reviews hereafter are barely a page. The Beginning is one video with an edited version of the first four episodes of B7.)
80 (p. 3, Technical Manual, Vol. Two--a very tiny article on p. 11.)
81 (B7 on pp. 4, 7, 12, 15 & 18. Jacqueline Pearce interview--part 1 on pp. 2, 28-30. )
82 (Pearce interview --part 2 on pp. 16-17. Also, pp. 9 and back cover. )
85 (1/91--Paul Darrow interview on pp. 13, 16-17. Also, on pp. 12, 26, 27, inside back cover and B. C.)
86 ( cover mention, B7 on video, VR of The Way Back, Spacefall, Cygnus Alpha, Time Squad, The Web, Search-Locate-Destroy, Mission to Destiny, Duel on pp. 12-13. B7 on pp. 23 & back cover. Star Maidens mentioned 17 & 21.)
88 (B7 is part of the art cover; VR of Project Avalon,Breakdown, Bounty, Deliverance on p. 15. Also, p. 23.)
90 (VR of Orac,Redemption,Shadow,Weapon on 18-19. Also, pp. 2,5 and B.C.)
91 (7/91--Jacqueline Pearce is part of color cover; VR of Horizon, Pressure Point p. 2-3. Also, B7 p. 16.)
92 (VR of Trial, Killer pp. 21-2. Also B7 on p. 24. [Ian Scoones part 1--no B7.] )
93 (Telefantasy Archives pp. 26-28; VR of Hostage, Countdown pp. 17-18. Also, B7 3, 47. [Scoones part 2--no B7.])
94 (Liberator on half of front cover; Scoones, part 3 on pp. 18-20; VR of Voice from the Past, Gambit on p. 16.)
95 (Scoones, part 4 [This has the negative Thomas story] pp. 7-9; VR of The Keeper, Star One p. 18, Avon full color back cover.)
96 (VR of Aftermath, Powerplay on p. 19.)
97 (B7 survey results, Orwellian Pigs in Space, Michael Keating interview, VR of Volcano & Dawn of the Gods on pp. 18-21. B7 also on pp. 9, 17 and back cover.)
98 ( VR of The Harvest of Kairos, The City at the Edge of the World p. 20. Also p. 18.)
99 (VR of Children of Auron, Rumors of Death p. 15. Also pp. 4, 6.)
100 (poll p. 7; index of issues; VR of Sarcophagus, Ultraworld p. 21. Also, p. 12.)
101 (5/92--Brian Croucher--I do not own this one nor the 6 other ones leading up to 107 I'm guessing that 101-106 continue doing video reviews of two episodes per issue in order.)
102-6(It seems likely each contains B7 video reviews because they have been doing them in order.)
107 (11/92--Chris Boucher, part 1 [He doesn't talk about B7] pp. 10-12; VR of Gold, Orbit p. 24.)
108 (12/92--GREAT B7 Special with color wraparound B7 front and back covers and, also, a color poster* inside by Pete Wallbank; misc. articles; Boucher, part 2; a total of 16 pages from pp. 8-24. Also, p. 2. Very nice. Definitely recommended. *The poster was, also, offered later separately as in inducement to subscribe.)
109 ( Boucher, part 3 [He doesn't mention B7] on pp. 10-11; article about B7's Federation 9, 11. Also. pp. 2 and 12.)
110 (B7: A Tragedy in 4 Acts on pp. 18-19. Also, pp. 2, 9, 10, 11 and 15.)
116 (8/93--Avon on Wallbank front cover [1 of 5 figures] but almost nil B7 content inside. P. 24. However, it's mentioned several times in their listings of their ten years which is an insert of 8 pages. For example, issue 108 was said to be "a bold experiment" that was "immensely successful." )
125 (4/94--Blake [large face] and Terry Nation [insert] color front cover & Jenna [large face] on back cover; 6 pages inside of misc. articles on pp. 10-15. # 125 mistakenly thought the BBC was repeating B7. Recommended. )
126 (B7 survey continued from 125 on 3, 14-15. Also, p. 6.)
128 (July 1994--Terry Nation article. Blake & Gan photo.)

Issues with barely any B7 are 68, 78, 127.

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