Reviewed By Joyce Bowen.

I just received my copies of ACTION TV, issue 3 (summer 2000). If you would like to order a copy for yourself. Go to the website.

The price is 2.50 pounds plus postage. It's easy to order no matter where you live, and the delivery is swift.

There is a color B7 logo on the cover. Inside there are six pages on Blake's 7 in the magazine with 11 B & W pictures. The material was written by Rob Emery. Thanks is given to Andrew Pixley and Jackie Ophir at the end, but it doesn't say what for. The 6 pages cover the first two seasons only. Emery gives a short little synopsis of the 26 shows in one section, and then gives more subjective comments and extra detail in the main article.

Over all, the main article is nice, though it doesn't give many new details for a B7 fan who is familiar with the show. Since my memory is suspect, even in the best of times, I really don't know if I had ever heard the story that Terry Nation was going to kill off both Jenna and Vila in the same two-part story that never happened.

If you collect magazines with B7 articles in them, then this is a definite must. There is no mention that the last two seasons might be done at a later date. Since you can Email the magazine at the site, those of you who are fans of the seasons 3 and 4 might consider Emailing them to do a second B7 article and cover those last two seasons.

This was the magazine that Horizon initally alerted fans to and, also, at one time was supposedly selling. I had originally tried to order through Horizon and that didn't work. As far as I know, the only way you can get the magazine is by directly ordering through the ACTION TV website.

The pictures are first season crew; Vila, Jenna & Avon; Cally; Avon; B7 logo (twice) ; Avon & Vila; Cally, Jenna & robot; Gan; Servalan & mutoid; and Rashel & Coser. Sheesh! Obviously, the person who picked the pictures wasn't a Blake fan. It's pretty bad when two minor characters get as much picture "space" as Blake himself. Oh, well, obviously not everyone thinks Blake is as important to the series as I do. I'm not going to complain (not too much, anyway), because I'm just happy to see B7 featured in a recent magazine.


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Last updated on 05th of February 2001.