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Edited: Peg Kennedy 1995
American genzine A4 80 pages
Six stories, some filks, one poem (Melissa Mastoris) artwork (Val Westall and Anja Gruber) and a heartfelt editorial.

Ask Me No Questions - Marian Mendez
The Songs that Bind - Jean B. Hubb
More than a Fool - Susan Barrett
Loyalties - P.Zvejnieks
Different Prisons - Susan Barrett
Last Will and Testament - Linda Knights

"Ask Me No Questions" is a delightfully inventive tale of Avon and Vila imprisoned by the Federation. Avon suffers in new and strange ways which I cannot recall being used against him before. Great fun.

Post-Star one, "Songs that Bind" has Avon and Blake meeting unexpectedly and reassuming their previous ambivalent relationship, while helping a planet with an unusual problem. This is an interesting story which nevertheless lacks intensity, given the protagonists.

"More than A Fool" is a short, well executed account told in the first person by Avon. It reveals a pre-series relationship with Vila, and centres on Avon's misunderstanding of earlier events.

"Loyalties" is by far the longest story in the zine. It is a PGP in which Vila has rescued Avon and picked up a apprentice en route. The story begins on their planetary bolthole, which they leave in search of Orac. Subsequent adventures have them seized by a dangerously vengeful Avalon; Avon suffers, but ultimately things are set to rights. Deva, Bek and Veron feature strongly, and Vila has a substantial role.

Liberator answer a distress call from a Federation ship in "Different Prisons", and finds a mystery which brings back childhood memories for Avon. This is a good Avon-with-a-heart story.

"Last Will and Testament" is a simple, effectively told message from Blake to Avon, which Orac plays to him after Terminal.


Editor: Peg Kennedy
Publishers: Peg Kennedy and Bill Hupe
Date: 1995 (paper and disk versions)

Marian Mendez, "Ask Me No Questions" (S2; A-V-hc)
Jean B. Hubb, "The Songs That Bind" (S3; A-B)
Susan Barrett, "More Than a Fool" (S3-S0; A-V)
P. Zvejnieks, "Loyalties" (S5; A-V; sequel to "Fear" by P. R. Zed in #1)
Susan Barrett, "Different Prisons" (S2; A)
Linda Knights, "Last Will and Testament" (S4; A-B)

Peg Kennedy, "From the Editor"

Melissa Mastoris, "Avon's Blessing"
Sandi K. Almany, "Christmas at Blake's Place" (f, various Christmas songs)

Val Westall front c. A
p. 4 A
p. 17 A-B
p. 21 A
p. 60 A-B
Anja Gruber p. 40 V
p. 73 A
p. 79 A-B

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