Editor: Jean Graham
Publisher: Peacock Press
Date: October 1992

Jean B. Hubb, "Useful Functions" (S1)
Summer Jackson, "Subliminal Messages" (S1; C)
Sandra Basham, "Revelations and Resolutions" (sequel to "Retreat and Reconciliation" in #8; S2)
Alicia Ann Fox, "Unreal City" (S2; A)
Ginevra Syn, "Hot Fudge & Candy Kisses" (S2; A-Se)
Paulie Kay, "The Decision" (alt-S2; A-V)
Nancy Dziergowski, "What Vila Knows" (S2; post-Pressure Point; V)
Alan Moravian, "Master of All He Surveys" (S2-3; post-Star One; A)
Irene Stubbs, "Liberation" (S2; ocf)
Jean Graham, "Hecate Waits" (reprinted from Powerplay 4; S2; A-J)
Cheufell Doshier, "Curiousities Killed the Cat" (S3; AU humor)
Lorna Breshears, "Letting Go" (S3; post-Rumours; A-C)
Jean Graham, "Sacrifice and Betrayal" (S3; alt-Rumours)
Teresa Ward and Cami, "Bitter Recoil" (sequel to "Revenge" in #8; alt-S4; Ta)
Sondra Sweigman, "Appearances Can Be Deceiving" (S4; Blake; A-B)
Alisha Lyons, "Refractivity" (S5; Ta)
Helen Parkinson, "Opening the Door" (S5; A-V)
Catherine Kendall, "Dreams of Youth" (Xiaodan series; S5)
Patti E. McClellan, "No Absolution" (S4; V-hc, A-V)
CarolMel Ambassador, "Charade" (Trophy series; S5)
S. R. Mowatt, "Dead Men Tell No Tales" (S5; A-Se)
Summer Jackson, "A Final Act of Mercy" (S4; Blake; A-V)
Maggie Alexander, "Turning Point" (S5; A-So)
Jacqui Topp, "The Dead Travis Sketch" (S2; Se; AU humor)
Pearl Stickler, "Mary Sue" (early S2; real world crossover; A-ocf)

Jean Graham, "Editor's 2-Cents Worth"
Jean Graham, "Superscore" (puzzle)
Ruth Berman, "Blake's Gambit" (explanation of the speed chess games in "Gambit")
ORmAC, "Bounties" (puzzle)
ORmAC, "Good vs. Evil" (puzzle)
ORmAC, "B7 Cryptogram" (puzzle)
Shirley de Meyer, "Quotes, etc." (puzzle)
Shirley de Meyer, "Mixed Up/The Episodes" (puzzle)
Shirley de Meyer, "Mixed Names" (puzzle)
Letters of Comment
Puzzle Answers
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Shirley de Meyer, "Rebel Scum" (f, Devil's Gun)
Shirley de Meyer, "Hold On, Avon"
Shirley de Meyer, "Servalan"
Teri Sarick, "Burnt Roses"
Shirley de Meyer, "Little Avon" (f, Little David)
Melissa Mastoris, "Friends" (C-J)
Michael Williams, "An Unfitting End"
Melissa Mastoris, "Victim of Obsession" (B-J)
Teri Sarick, "Black on Black Forever"
Shirley de Meyer, "Anna"
Teri Sarick, "Snow"
Paulie Kay, "Well Well"
Melissa Mastoris, "Dearest Traitor"
Shirley de Meyer, "Rebel Avon"
Nancy Dziergowski, "Klyn"
Michael Williams, "An Avon Lament"
Melissa Mastoris, "Memories of Kerril"
Melissa Mastoris, "Vila's Vow"
Shirley de Meyer, "Dreams"
Jacqui Topp, "Brothers"
Shirley de Meyer, "Disguise"
Shirley de Meyer, "Walls"
Jacqui Topp, "Ice Maiden"
Melissa Mastoris, "Dayna"
Melissa Mastoris, "Auronae Woman"
Shirley de Meyer, "I Know You"
Paulie Kay, "Friends or Enemies"
Teri Sarick, "Dark Impressions"
Michael Williams, "An Avon Lament-- II"

Lucia Casarella Moore front c. "An Old Wall" (A)
p. 85 A
pp. 91-6 Art Portfolio (A, A-B, A-B,
A, A-Ta, A)
p. 114 A
p. 197 A
p. 236 A-B
p. 253 A
Michael Williams p. 8 B
p. 17 Se
p. 31 C
p. 34 A
p. 45 A
p. 53 V
p. 55 B (same as p. 8)
p. 60 A-B
p. 76 V
p. 90 A
p. 99 Se
p. 117 V
p. 135 A
p. 140 D
p. 148 Ta
p. 183 V
p. 213 A
p. 245 A
p. 258 A
Jean B. Hubb p. 10 illo for "Useful"
Cindy Brink p. 11 C-V
p. 13 ocm
p. 21 A-V
p. 28 V, A-B
p. 39 Se
p. 42 V
p. 49 V
p. 80 Tr
p. 172 D
p. 177 Se
Jacqui Topp p. 15 C
p. 156 A
p. 232 So
Pam Whitelark p. 26 B
p. 56 A
p. 228 A
Shirley de Meyer p. 36 B
p. 45 A-J
p. 151 A, C
p. 152 A, C
S. R. Mowatt p. 65 A
p. 70 O
p. 80 A
p. 107 C
p. 219 A
back c. Se
Ruth Berman pp. 97-9 chess diagrams
Cheufell Doshier p. 105 illo for "Curiousities"
Todd Parrish p. 113 Se
p. 126 So
p. 207 A
Derrin p. 129 Ta; illo for "Bitter"
Denise Loague p. 161 Paatrov Avon (ocm); illo for "Dreams"
p. 166 Alejandro Radomil (ocm); illo for "Dreams"
p. 189 Jaroslav Travis (ocm); illo for "Dreams"
D. Corley p. 202 V sleeping

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