Editor: Jean Graham
Publisher: Peacock Press
Date: October, 1988
Tom Beck, "Keep Your Eyes on the Ball" (pre-S1; Tr-B)
Teresa Ward, "Reflection" (pre-S1)
Mary Gerstner & April Giordano, "Oh, Gee!" (S2)
Barbara Adams, "Blake's Boots" (S2)
Teri Sarick, "Avon's Angles" (S1)
J. S. Mulvey, "Hall of Mirrors" (S2)
Meg Garrett, "Up to Scratch" (S2)
Vina, "Alien Mysticism" (S2)
Michelle Moyer, "The Big Gamble" (S2)
Maureen Tornes, "The Genetics of a Joke" (S2)
Teresa Ward, "Star One Revisited" (alt-S2)
Jean B. Hubb, "By My Own Recklessness" (S3)
Nancy Klauschie, "Stealing's Quicker" (alt-S3)
Maureen Torens, "No Man Is an Island" (S3)
Mary Gerstner, "To See the Fool" (alt-S3)
Diane Rabuano, "Where's Blake?" (S3)
Diane Rabuano, "Hairy Aliens" (S3, sequel to "Where's Blake?")
Cindy Rancourt, "Farewells" (S3)
Julie Shook, "Professional Courtesy" (S3)
Jeanne DeVore, "The Search" (S3)
J.L. Walker & K.D. Swan, "Vilagan's Island" (S4 ala "Gilligan's Island")
Rebecca Reeves, "Shuttle" (S4, alt-"Orbit")
Patricia Dunn, "Spirits Past & Future" (S4)
Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal, "Shortcut to Somewhere" (S4, alt-"Blake")
Steve Oualline, "A Better Man" (S5)
Sheila Paulson, "Limbo" (S5)
Sophia Mulvey, "Wayward Son" (S5)
April Giordano & Mary Gerstner, "Embers" (S5)
Carol Mel Ambassador, "Contract" (S5, "Vengeance" series)
Adrian C. Morgan & Brendan O'Cuillane, "Experiment" (S5)
Dee Beetem, "Double-Take" (S5)
Sandy Lyons, "Full Circle" (S5)
Debra Reynolds & Peggy Hartsock, "Specters of the Past" (S5)

Jean Graham, "Editor's Nattering"
Amee, "The Episodes" (puzzle)
Sandy Lyons, "Quotation Puzzles" (puzzle)
Amee, "Word Search" (puzzle)
Amee, "Hodge-Podge" (puzzle)
Letters of Comment
Puzzle answers
Zine ads

Teresa Ward, "The Final Act" (S2;Tr)
Paulie Kay, "The Plan" (pre-S1;Anna)
Amee, "Soliloquy of the Aging Idealist" (S2;B)
Sharyn M. Sobel, "I, Roj Blake"
Sharyn Sobel & Maurine Torrens, "Bonnie Hi Ho Rebel"
Amee, "Images" (A,B,V)
Paulie Kay, "Freedom" (S2; A)
Sue Ann Sarick, "Gan"
Paulie Kay, "A.W.A.T.A.L."
Paulie Kay, "Alone"
Mary Gerstner & Maureen Torrens, "Death's Song" (filk)
Sue Ann Sarick, "Vila"
Sharyn M. Sobel, "Where Have All the Rebels Gone?" (filk)
Jennifer Tifft, "Negative Space"
Sue Ann Sarick, "Avon II"
Teresa Sarick, untitled
Paulie Kay, "The Leader, the Expert, & the Fool"
Teri Sarick, "Courier"
Teri Sarick, "Liberator Avon"
Alyns Lawchilde, "Silent Plea"
Sharyn Sobel, "Filksong" (filk)

Mary Gerstner p. 73 A, illo for "Genetics of a Joke"
p. 75 V, illo for "Genetics"
p. 101 A-C, illo for "No Man Is an Island"
p. 106 C, illo for "To See the Fool"
p. 112 A-C, illo for "To See the Fool"
p. 125 A-PaulD
p. 145 A, illo for "Death's Song"
p. 211 A-V, illo for "A Better Man"
p. 265 A, illo for "Embers"
Leah Rosenthal p. 180 V-A, illo for "Shortcut to Somewhere"
p. 187 Briggs-V, illo for "Shortcut"
p. 191 B, illo for "Shortcut"
p. 202 V-Ta-A-B, illo for "Shortcut"
Craig Kozeluh p. 8 cartoon
Judith Boguslawski front cover J-B-C, A-V
p. 213 A-Meredith, illo for "Limbo"
p. 223 A, illo for "Limbo"
p. 232 A-Meredith, illo for "Limbo"
p. 240 A-B on GP, illo for "Wayward Son"
p. 252 Braedons-A, illo for "Wayward"
p. 261 V-B-A, illo for "Wayward Son"
Kathryn Anderson p. 10 A
p. 13 G
p. 40 C
p. 279 So
p. 298 D
Michael Williams p. 3 G-C-A-B-J-V
p. 22 B
p. 41 A
p. 65 G
p. 84 B
p. 102 A
p. 123 C
p. 128 A
p. 131 J
p. 137 V
p. 166 Se
p. 168 So
p. 170 B
p. 177 A
p. 206 A
Adrian Morgan back cover "Hero of the Barlee" Tr
p. 151 V, illo for "The Search"
p. 157 A-C-V, illo for "The Search"
p. 271 B-A-Se, illo for "Experiment"
Suzie Molnar p. 130 J
p. 290 "That Was Then", A-B
p. 291 "This Is Now", A-B
Elizabeth Gagliano p. 20 B
p. 284 A
p. 292 J
Denise Loague p. 29 B
p. 91 Se
p. 163 cartoon
p. 174 Ta
p. 208 J
p. 274 D
Lynne Alisse Witten p. 21 cartoon
p. 289 A
Jean Graham & Pearl Stickler various grafitti

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