Editor: Jean Graham
Publisher: Peacock Press
Date: October, 1987

Kim Wigmore, "Prelude" (pre-S1)
Sophia R. Mulvey & K. Rae Travers, "A Place to Start" (S1)
Katherine A. Ring, "The Gates of Paradise" (S1)
Jean Graham, "Keeper of the Trust" (S2)
Susan Murrie Eoff, "Avon and the Widow" (S5)
Mary Gerstner & April Giordano, "Hi-Ho, Liberator Away!" (S2)
Jill Grundfest, "Vacation" (S2)
Pearl Stickler, "Carey" (S2)
Kathy Kipper, "Diara" (S2)
Jo Mulvey, "Assume a Virtue" (S2)
Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham, "Seems Like Old Times" (S3; Bizarro series)
Wolf Klauschie, "The Avons" (S3; farce)
Mary Gerstner & April Giordano, "Revenge of the Thaarn" (S3)
Debra Bruce, "The Box" (S3)
Nancy Klauschie, "Bravery Is for Fools" (S3)
Carol Bede, "Nothing Rhymed" (S3)
Carol Wyke & Sue Christian, "Of Mice and Men" (S4)
Leigh Arnold, "When You Forget Your Lines, Ad Lib" (S4)
Jean Graham, "Nowhere Else to Go" (S4)
Alicia Ann Fox, "A Change of Mind" (S4, alt-'Orbit')
Alana McShane, "Sanctum" (end of 'Blake')
Dree Nagel, "Confessions of a Lonely Man" (S5)
H. Saavedra, "Heroic Youths" (S5)
Susan Murrie Eoff, "Auntie Sleer" (S3)
Melissa Honig, "Memory" (S5)
Caroly Wyke, "Chiarscuro" (S5)
Dee Beetem, "Call the Dead" (years after GP)

Jean Graham, "A Word from Ye Editor"
Sandy Lyons, Kriss Kross Puzzle
Jean Graham, "B7 Bloopers"
"You Are Receiving This Because..."
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Poetry & Filks:
Kindya, Wigmore, Hutchison, & McManus, "Ode to Cygnus Alpha"
Michael Williams, untitled (S2)
Alicia Ann Fox, "Do Not Forsake Me"
H.Saavedra, "The Fool and the Cynic" (S3)
H.Saavedra, "Through His Eyes" (S3)
H.Saavedra, "This Tainted Universe" (S3)
xBryn Lantry, "Might Have Beens" (S3)
Dree Nagel, "Let Me Put You Down" (S3)
xBryn Lantry, "A Lie" (S4)
Holly Hutchison, "Post Orbit Reflections" (S4)
H.Saavedra, "Nightmare's End" (S4)
Michael Williams, untitled (S4)

Leah Rosenthal front cover "Decadence" (A)
p. 156 A,V,D,Ta (illo for "Seems Like Old Times")
p. 162 A,V,Carnall (illo for "Seems")
p. 165 C,Ta,Sooghin,A,V (illo for "Seems")
Michael Williams p. 11 C
p. 76 V
p. 80 Se
p. 85 A, Carey (illo for "Carey")
p. 86 A
p. 90 A
p. 95 A, Carey (illo for "Carey")
p. 96 A
p. 108 A
p. 134 A
p. 143 A
p. 151 A
p. 171 V, C, A (illo for "Revenge of the Thaarn")
p. 193 A
p. 222 A
p. 223 A
p. 232 A
p. 242 A
p. 252 A
p. 258 V
p. 264 A
p. 268 Se
p. 277 V
p. 283 A
Denise Loague p. 16 A
p. 43 B
p. 53 J
p. 188 A "Aftermath"
p. 263 A, B on GP
p. 266 B of GP
Mel Henshaw p. 22 cartoon
p. 82 A
p. 221 cartoon
p. 274 cartoon
Heather M. Saavedra p. 23 B,C,V
p. 257 D,So
Mary Gerstner & April Giordano
p. 78 A
Mary Gerstner p. 102 A,So
p. 116 A,C
S. Molnar p. 121 A
p. 123 Se,A (illo for "Diara")
p. 130 Diara, A (illo for "Diara")
p. 132 Diara, A (illo for "Diara")
p. 226 So,V,D (illo for "Of Mice")
p. 227 V,A (illo for "Of Mice")
Deb Walsh p. 182 V, Ta (illo for "Bravery Is for Fools")
p. 194 A,V (illo for "Nothing Rhymed")
p. 206 A (illo for "Nothing Rhymed")
p. 220 C, A
p. 247 V
Carol Wyke p. 228 Scorpio
Rita Terrell back cover "Vila Bear"

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