Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

I cannot begin to describe how wonderful these are. Even people who never heard of B7 like them. Part of what makes them so funny, I think, is the completely deadpan approach to the wacky Bizarro Seven universe. The accompanying visuals help, too.

I strongly recommend ordering #s 3 and 4 from Leah while she still has some left! (I'll post the contents info on those in a day or two.) And the coloring book, too.


Editor: Leah Rosenthal
Publisher: Poncho Press
Date: 1989

Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal, "One Alpha to Go" (Bizarro Seven universe; S2; humor; reprinted from Prime Time #1)
Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham, "Intergalactic Velvet" (Bizarro Seven universe; S2; humor; reprinted from Southern Seven #1)
Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham, "Relativity" (Bizarro Seven universe; S2; humor; reprinted from Southern Seven #1)
Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal, "Bonk the Seven" (Bizarro Seven universe; S2; humor; reprinted from Outlands #10)
Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal, "Rebel Radio" (Bizarro Seven universe; S2; humor; reprinted from Almost Anything Goes Around Twice)
Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal, "The Bizarro Zone" (Bizarro Seven universe; S2; humor; reprinted from B7 Complex #9)
Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal, "Voice from the Pest" (Bizarro Seven universe; S2; humor; new story)

Leah Rosenthal and Ann Wortham, "Makin' Whoopie" (editorial)
"With a Little Bit o' L.O.C." (letters of comment)
"Last Joke at the Edge of the Page" (doctored Doonesbury cartoon)
"Galactic News" (humor)
Michele Rosenberg, "Absence Report" (humor)

Roxie Raye, "Bizarro L'il Christmas" (f, Merry Little Christmas)
Cathy Boudreau, "I Saw Avon Shooting Santa Claus" (f, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus)

Art (all by Leah Rosenthal; all Bizarro cartoon style; reprinted from original zines unless otherwise indicated):

cover Nylon Hamster band (A & V; color; new)
p. 1 B, V, A as babies (new)
p. 3 "Famous Rebel Terrorist Gumcards #7: Roj
Blake" (new)
p. 6 illo for "One Alpha"
p. 10 illo for "One Alpha"
p. 13 illo for "One Alpha"
p. 17 A-B; illo for "Intergalactic"
p. 19 C-B-V; illo for "Intergalactic"
p. 21 A-Terrick; illo for "Intergalactic"
p. 24 A-horse; illo for "Intergalactic"
p. 25 A-horse; illo for "Intergalactic"
p. 27 Tr; illo for "Intergalactic"
p. 28 A-Se; illo for "Intergalactic"
p. 29 early version of Bizarro characters
p. 31 A-B; Obsession ad (new)
p. 33 A-B; illo for "Relativity"
p. 34 illo for "Relativity"
p. 36 A-B; illo for "Relativity"
p. 39 A-Terrick; illo for "Relativity"
p. 41 A-Se as children; illo for "Relativity"
p. 44 A-V-Terrick; illo for "Relativity"
p. 46 B, duck (new)
p. 48 illo for "Bonk"
p. 49 Se as baby (new)
p. 51 illo for "Rebel Radio"
p. 52 Liberator; illo for "Rebel Radio"
p. 54 illo for "Rebel Radio"
p. 59 Wink & Oink; illo for "Rebel Radio"
p. 62 B; illo for "Rebel Radio"
p. 64 Se-Tr; illo for "Rebel Radio"
p. 67 B-A-V as band; illo for "Rebel Radio"
p. 71 illo for "Bizarro Zone"
p. 74 A-V-O; illo for "Bizarro Zone"
p. 78 illo for "Bizarro Zone"
p. 87 illo for "Voice" (new)
p. 90 illo for "Voice" (new)
p. 95 illo for "Voice" (new)
p. 98 illo for "Voice" (new)
p. 101 illo for "Voice" (new)
p. 104 illo for "Voice" (new)
p. 110 illo for "Voice" (new)
p. 112 illo for "Voice" (new)
p. 118 "I Are an Artist" (new)

Marianne Wyatt p. 117 GT & PD at con
(newspaper) p. 119 AW, age 13, & horse
M. M. Perkins back c. "A" on horse

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