Not To Know

by Harriet Bazley.

Extract 3

"Your friend seems a trifle indiscriminate in her aim," he observed drily, as Blake winced at the sudden movement, raising exploratory fingers to the side of his head. He sensed, rather than saw, the other man's sudden stillness.

      "Not my friend," Blake said, strangely, then, stricken: "Sula - there was no need -"

      "The price was too high," the woman - Sula? - retorted, and Avon felt his own body tense in a shock of uncomprehending recognition. "I'm tired of running, Blake, tired of hiding, tired of risking your life in place of mine. I'll take my own chances -" The gun had already been lowered; now she pulled down the breather.

      "Avon?" she said, a little unsteadily.

      Avon's pulse and mind both seemed to be racing; only his body was frozen. For a moment he wondered if stun ever gave you hallucinations.

      "Anna Grant," he managed after an endless second, voice perfectly - he hoped - under control. "Anna, you're dead."

      "So," said Blake very gently beside him, "was I."

      "Anna," Avon said again in disbelief, then urgently, and for the first time with a trace of hope, "How did you get away?"

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