Not To Know

by Harriet Bazley.

Extract 2

A quick glance as the door opened showed Dayna a small untidy office with the same utilitarian grey walls as the corridors. A couple of tired-looking computer terminals blinked at the corner of her eye, but her attention was immediately caught by the woman who had raised a weary blonde head from her work at the sound of the door, and now leapt to her feet, brown eyes furious, as she caught sight of their guns.

      Beside her, she felt Avon stiffen in surprise.


      There was a suppressed yelp of "Avon!" as Vila tried to push his way through and was deliberately blocked. On her other side Dayna felt a movement that was Cally, her gun wavering, her eyes wide and distressed.

      "Don't move, any of you." Avon's voice held an icy edge of command that froze even Vila for a moment; but only a moment.

      "But Avon, I don't understand -"

      "Vila, shut up." Jenna's voice was as cold as Avon's, and her beautiful face was set hard.

      "I might have known," Vila was babbling to himself, "all these months - and is it 'Hello Vila'? Is it 'Glad to see you, Vila'? No, it's 'Shut up, Vila' just like old times..."

      "But she's not glad to see you, Vila," Avon said softly. "You're not glad to see us at all, are you, Jenna?"

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