Staked Blake

As you could probably guess from the title, Staked Blake is an all-crossover Blake's 7 and Buffy The Vampire Slayer zine.

How did this come about? Kathryn Andersen, the editor says: Once upon a time, back in June 1999, when the folks on the lysator Blake's 7 list were discussing silly casting ideas, Steve Rogerson suggested the Buffy cast to play various roles, such as:

Then Steve wondered if Willow wouldn't be better as Avon, since she was a computer whiz. Then mistral suggested that Willow was Avon's long-lost daughter. And then people started discussing crossovers. Then mistral daydreamed that a zine would be lovely. Then I volunteered to edit one.

The contents of Staked Blake are:

Heart Attack by Steve Rogerson

When the crew of the Liberator encounter a temporal warp, history is not what they expected.

Daddy's Girl by Jacqueline Thijsen

Spike has a treat planned for Drusilla. He wants Willow to do a spell. But what happens if a spectre from the past isn't from the past at all?

Thicker Than Water by Ellynne G.

It was just going to be a simple transaction, something for Avalon's people. But when Avon encounters a mysterious woman and takes off, Cally and Vila won't let it lie.
It was just going to be a simple day for the Slayerettes; talk over musty books, and slay vampires.
But what has Angel worried?
Why is Willow ill?
And what does her mysterious long-lost cousin want?

Illustrated by Kathryn Andersen, Fliss Davis and Jem Dixon. 85,000 words, 94 pages, parchment paper covers.


(all Buffy crossovers)
Editor: Kathryn Andersen (Donvale VIC, Australia)
Publisher: Cat-Out-Of-The-Bag Productions
UK Agent: Judith Proctor (Wimborne, Dorset)
Date: June 26, 2001
Format: Second edition: A4, 100 pp., pale gray card covers, black tape binding

Mistral, "Ye Slaying Editor" (fandom; humor)
Steve Rogerson, "Heart Attack" (S2; Buffy crossover)
Jacqueline Thijsen, "Daddy's Girl" (S3; Buffy crossover; A/ocf)
Ellynne G., "Thicker Than Water" (S3; Buffy crossover)

Kathryn Andersen, "Editorial," "Addendum for the Second Edition"

Kathryn Andersen cover A, Buffy
p. 3 J
p. 6 B
p. 35 A
p. 47 Giles?
p. 68 C
Jem Dixon p. 10 ?
p. 12 "The Reason Servalan Survived Terminal"
p. 79 ?
Fliss Davis [sic] p. 19 A-Amelia
p. 32 Giles
p. 38 A-Willow-Drusilla
p. 60 A-Angel
p. 92 ?
Photo Phred photos: pp. 26, 42, 50, 56, 68, 74

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