The Quibell Abduction

by Lillian Shepherd.

Extract 3

Cally did not hesitate. Putting her rifle into one hand, she fired almost casually at the leading flier. As the tiny pellet struck home it exploded in a flare of light and a cloud of pale-pink blood. By the time the first shattered body hit the water she had downed four more.

It was clear, though, that she was fighting a losing battle. More of the fliers were arriving by the instant. Cally looked towards the tunnel entrance. The fliers were massing about it, whirling and wheeling like dust motes in sunlit air. A concerted attack might bring down the sled by sheer weight of numbers, if they did not kill her first. Those fangs might well carry poison and even if they did not...

She reached behind her and drew out a small red ball with two flattened ends from the pile of equipment. Her thumb pressed into a small depression as she flung the sled upward and round in a tight curve. As the sled grazed the cave wall above the wheeling flock, she threw the ball over the side and into their midst.

Even with her head averted and the spiral movement of the sled sending it back out over the lake, Cally was nearly blinded by the distress flare and the scream of the sirens. The sled trembled under her, but she continued to drive a curving course, homing in on the tunnel entrance.

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