The Gilbert and Servalan Song Book

by Chris Blenkarn

Take over two dozen Gilbert and Sullivan tunes, mix them with the wicked humor and rhyme of the demented author, and you get a series of filks that had me choking on tea and laughing until tears came out of my eyes. The zine includes filks for all seasons and about all of the crew.

Highlights include Blake's crew singing:
We've made it very clear
That we'd rather not be here
But he needs an expert crew

Then later Avon's crew:
His glare it is like ice
Doesn't like explaining twice
And he doesn't like that name Chesku

Meanwhile, we learn of Vila:
He's partial to a shot or two
Of Adrenaline and Soma
And prone to miss a rendezvous
While feigning deepest coma.

While "Three Very Youthful Rebels We" sing out:

Three youthful rebels lead from Xenon
On a wild goose chase by Kerr Avon

The songbook also includes the dramatic presentation of "The Pirates of Gauda Prime" or The Cast is to Die (crossed out) The Die is Cast.

This is one of the most visually stunning zines I've ever seen. The front and back covers are bright yellow and fully laminated. The zine is held together with little double sets of circular wires. I don't know what that type of binding is called, but it appears to be a superior type of spiral binding. It's the large size British paper (I never remember the official name for those paper sizes). Forty spiffily laid out pages.

Front and back covers and inside cartoon illustrations are by the author's son Michael. The cartoons are a delight and it's hard to pick out favorites. The angst addict in me loves the battered bunch in the holding cell (though I was sorry not to see a battered Tarrant among the group ;-). Avon appears to be offering his armpit for Vila to sniff or inspect in "Kerr Avon's Lament." And I adore Tarrant's big gun in the "Three Little Rebels" illo. How cunning of Tarrant to label his gun "super soaker." I'm sure that catches many a Federation baddie off guard.

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Last updated on 17th of April 1999.