by Sheila Paulson

editor: Judith Proctor

Many Blake's 7 fanzine readers will be familiar with Jabberwocky, or rather with parts of Jabberwocky. This epic saga has been printed in many different zines over the years and some parts have been a lot easier to get hold of than others. The first volume contains Link-up (originally published as Seventh Sector #3), Mind-Rape and Healer (originally published by Janet Walker) and The Froma (originally published in Down and Unsafe #6). This genzine stands complete in its own right.

Jabberwocky is significantly different in style from many of the zines that I publish and thus may appeal more to some and less to others. If you are looking for stories in which the characters go through many dangerous and difficult situations, but always come out of them with a greater understanding of each other, then this is probably a zine you will like. All characters are fairly treated in Jabberwocky; nobody is rubbished, and sooner or later, any character whom you may have loved and missed is pretty well guaranteed to turn up. This is angst with happy endings and characters who realize that they like one another.

So what's it actually all about?

Jabberwocky starts just after 'Terminal' but with events different from those of the 4th season. Cally wasn't killed in the explosion on Terminal, but was unconscious for a time and experienced a prophetic dream which warned her of the events of the 4th season. The crew have to try and avoid the events which have been foreseen. Finding Soolin shows that Cally's dream contains large elements of truth. Can Avon avoid shooting Blake?

Why is it called Jabberwocky?

After losing Liberator over Terminal, the crew need another ship. The vessel they eventually steal is a revolutionary new Federation ship which has a human brain incorporated into it. The ship is capable of forming a mental link with a member of its crew. The mind-ship, a distinct personality in its own right, is Jabberwocky.

Where each part of Jabberwocky was originally published

The zines are full size with a colour cover and a glue binding with a taped spine. The layout is double column.

Available from:

Judith Proctor,
28 Diprose Rd,
Corfe Mullen,
BH21 3QY,
United Kingdom.

Volume 1 - Jabberwocky parts 1 to 4

Contains the following stories:

Extract from Link-up

Review of first 3 stories by Alicia Ann Fox

Illustrated by Val Westall

Word count is 164,000, page count 174.

Volume 1 is sold out, it has be loaded into the library.

Volume 2 - Jabberwocky parts 5 to 8

Contains the following stories:

Volume 2 is sold out, it has be loaded into the library.

Rather than provide some extracts from the stories, here is some of the artwork by Kathryn Andersen.

Cover Art
Cover Art (reduced - 41K)
Picture of Avon
A Picture of Avon (reduced - 27K)
Word count is 100,225. Page count 116.

Volume 3 - Jabberwocky parts 9 to 13

Contains the following stories:

Volume 3 is sold out, it has be loaded into the library.

Illustrated by Mary O'Connor

Word Count 141,610. Page count 150.

Illustrated by Val Westall

Volume 4 is sold out, it has be loaded into the library.

Word Count 51,910. Page count 50.

Volume 5 - adult and slash Jabberwocky stories

Contains the following stories by 'Paula':

Illustrated by Val Westall

Word Count 27,048. Page count 150.

Volume 5 is sold out, it will be loaded into the library soon.

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Last updated on 19th of January 2002.