In The Cold With You

By Alicia Ann Fox

Resolutely, Cally re-entered the room. Avon was still staring at the viewscreen, though by now even the fragments of Liberator had passed from visual range. To Cally‘s eyes, the starscape‘s beauty echoed with desolation, a kind of finality.

Without turning to look at her, Avon asked, ”Who has Orac?•

”Vila left Orac in the sleeping quarters.• Cally took two steps forward and pressed the computer‘s activator key into his cold fingers. ”Come on, you can sleep in there.•

Avon glanced down at the key in his hand, as if it was all he had. ”No time for that now.• ”You must sleep.• Sleep might bring some healing. She only wished that she could sleep, herself. They needed to rest, to regroup, to be able to think what came next, beyond the darkness. She stepped in front of him. ”What did you take, Avon?• she asked quietly.

”The red ones,• he admitted. His eyes met hers; they were unnaturally bright. ”I have two more. Listen, I‘ll get us out of this.•

”Tarrant has gone to look for the ship Servalan said she left for us. He took Dayna and Vila with him.•

”Dayna for the Links, and Vila for unpleasant surprises in the airlock,• Avon surmised.

”He made the correct choice.•

”So I‘m no longer in charge.•

”Right now that doesn‘t matter. Come on,• she insisted.

Avon slipped Orac‘s key into an inner pocket of his jacket. ”But, Cally... the Liberator...•

”Later.• She took his elbow and led him towards the doorway. ”Now, you are going to sleep.•

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Last updated on 19th of December 1997.