Gareth Theatre Trip

We're going to see Gareth in Hamlet on 17th Feb. It's the Brunton theatre in Mussleburgh near Edinburgh. Last time we went to this theatre we stayed in a B+B in Edinburgh within walking distance of the station and that worked out fine.

Ticket prices are 5.50 for the matinee and 8 pounds for the evening. I haven't yet decided which to go for, probably see what the group preference is. I've a slight preference for the matinee, but could easily be convinced otherwise. (It's the last night, so Gareth will probably want to head for home straight after the evening performance and I'd prefer to chat about the play after I've seen it rather than beforehand.)

It's a pleasant little theatre and there's lots to see in and around Edinburgh itself.

If you want to come along, drop me a line. Let me know if you need me to book accomodation for you and whether you need smoking or non-smoking. It may be possible to arrange room-shares, but that depends on how many people come.


Any more for Hamlet?

There's half a dozen of us going to the matinee on 17 Feb. There's a touch tour before the show and provided there aren't too many visually impaired people (the tour is primarily for them, so they obviously get priority), then we can go along on it.

It's on at the Brunton theatre in Musselburgh near Edinburgh. Gareth's playing two parts.

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Last updated on 01st of February 2001.