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The Lysator list (the Lyst) is the main, gen B7 mailing list, and Freedom City is the adult -- and fiction -- mailing list where fans can discuss slash and other adult topics not acceptable on the Lyst, and post fiction.

This mailing list has recently been difficult to join owing to administration problems. These have been sorted out and we now have new administrators. This is a copy of the official document for the mailing list.

Introduction Many Blake's 7 fans have fond memories of the Space City list run for four years by Susan Beth and we'd like to thank her for running it for so long.

The Lysator list is the earliest known Blake's 7 mailing list, and still going. Space City was a spin-off to enable members to discuss slash and adult topics without controversy, and Freedom City is now the current adult mailing list for Blake's 7 fans.

If you wish to join, please read the information below which is sent to every new member.

VILA: They say it's wide open.
AVON: What is?
VILA: Freedom City.
AVON: So I've heard. Wide, wide open.
VILA: Got everything a man ever dreams of, they say.
AVON: Space City pales by comparison, they say.

But first, a few formalities:

Freedom City is the forum for the free discussion of relationships in the Blake's 7 universe, including sex, both het and slash, and B7 fan fiction of any rating or category. Other topics that branch off from these discussions or other matters that might or have resulted in unwelcome friction on the main B7 list are also welcome.

Because many of the discussions are of a sexual nature, membership is restricted to adults. If you are under eighteen or would find the discussion of the topics described above offensive, please do not subscribe, or unsubscribe now.


  1. This is a Blake's 7 list. Topics may wander, but if threads go way off-topic and look like they'll stay that way, please move the discussion to another forum. Freedom City is a closed list; only members can post messages.
  2. All posts are copyright to the individual authors. We ask that you do not pass posts along or use them in any other manner UNLESS you have the author's permission to do so. Freedom City members sometimes post about subjects they wouldn't wish to be quoted on in less tolerant forums. Some writers try fiction out here that they later want to rework for submission to zines or other publications. This way, the writers need not worry about loss of control over their creations or that their privacy will be compromised. We get to enjoy the posts which they might not otherwise feel comfortable making. Quoting from posts while responding to them on this list or in private mail to the author is fine, but PLEASE ASK before you do anything else.
  3. No ads for non-B7 items or services (B7 zines, artworks, cons, etc. are fine), no libel, no calls for violent overthrow of any government, etc; basically the normal restrictions on Net posting.
  4. Being gratuitously offensive with "dirty words" etc. will only get you ignored by most of the list.
  5. Freedom City is welcoming and friendly. Please don't make personal attacks, troll/stir, or complain about the topics others are discussing. Start a topic of your own if you're bored. :-)
  6. In order to avoid attracting people who are only interested in smut rather than Blake's 7, Freedom City is not advertised or promoted to the general public. However, feel free to recruit B7 fannish friends you think would fit in.
  7. In order to avoid attracting people who are only interested in smut rather than Blake's 7, and to protect the privacy of list members, Freedom City is not advertised or promoted to the general public, including Internet newsgroups. Doing so will result in the offender being removed from the list.
  8. Finally, although the list admins are not by any means dictators or tyrants, they are the final arbiters when it comes to list rules and policy and the interpretation thereof, and the final decision maker should it become necessary to remove someone from the list. After all, they are doing the work, and any trouble will come looking for them first.:-)
Now that the formalities have been taken care of, come on in, pull up a chair and grab a drink. Krantor and Toise have got everything ready. Just watch out for the one-eyed man skulking in the shadows. He's rather tetchy.

Freedom City FAQ

Version 3.3, 20 August 2008

Current List Admins: and .

Please send questions about administrative matters (rules, subscribing, changing addresses) to either of the above addresses.

Send messages you want to post to the list to:


The Freedom City list was created to replace Space City when Susan Beth retired. Like its predecessor, Freedom City is a forum for the free and open discussion of interpersonal relationships involving characters from Blake's 7. This most certainly includes discussion of sex, both heterosexual and slash. Other topics that branch from these discussions or other topics that might result or have resulted in unwanted friction on the main Blake's 7 list are also welcome.

This list is intended as a supplement to the main Blake's 7 list, not a replacement for it.

Note: Freedom City is a privately owned list. The List Admins don't plan on removing anyone from the list unless forced to by flagrant violations of the rules, but they are the final arbiters should it be necessary. Sorry, but that's the way it is.



  • The Labor Day Party

    Space City was launched just before Labor Day weekend. One year later, we decided to throw ourselves an on-line 'party' in honour of our birthday, and that tradition has continued each year, despite the change in the list name. (For non-American list members, "Labor Day" is a floating holiday observed on the first Monday in September, resulting in a three-day weekend.)

    The goal of the party is to have as many people as possible post a bit of fiction. Of any length -- we've had full length stories, vignettes, fragments. In fact, we've had pieces that were a single paragraph, possibly even a single sentence! The idea is just to be a part of the 'fiction orgy' and have fun. Every single year we have a few posters start by saying "I'm not a writer but..." and then they post something that inevitably turns out to be a pleasure to read. So no excuses -- join in!

    To help inspire the writers, we usually come up with a theme for the party, something general enough to be adaptable to any season or any group of the crew that a member might prefer to write about. For example, two past themes have been "love" and "hidden aspects". Members start making suggestions for the theme early in June, and then the List Admins put up a slate of the suggestions and the membership votes.

    Note: you aren't required to use the theme by any means. It's there to help people think up stories, but if some other idea seizes your imagination, we're equally happy to read that instead.

    Also: Some people choose to contribute through graphics/art. These should be put on to a web page, and a message giving the URL posted to FC.


    There is a small but ceaseless amount of administrative work that has to be done to keep the list running smoothly. The major duty is to help people with subscribing and changing their mail address and switching between message-by-message and digest versions of the list.

    In addition the List Admins might be called on to remind members of the rules if they are being broken, and to unsubscribe a member if s/he continues to break the rules. Historically 'reminders' have been needed less often than once a year, and so far no one has ever needed to be unsubscribed against their will.

    The List Admins also supervise the Roll Call and Labor Day parties, as described above, posting reminding messages and counting votes and so forth.

    The List Admins also occasionally update the FAQ as new issues arise. When that needs to be done, there should be discussion of the matter on the list, then the List Admins will post the proposed new wording for the FAQ and allow the members to comment. In the past, there has always been general agreement with the suggested changes. If a suggested change is greeted with clearly mixed opinions, the matter can be voted on.

    There are two List Admins, which allows them to cover for each other when Real Life needs take priority. Each List Admin serves for one year, but one of the List Admin's term begins on July 1, the other on January 1 -- this is to ensure there is always one 'experienced' Admin.

    Choosing List Admins

    A couple of weeks before a List Admin's term is up, s/he posts a call for volunteers to serve the next term. There is a one-week period for people to step forward by posting to the list a message that clearly states you are willing to help out AND includes a number that represents how you feel about taking on the job. Use a 1 to 10 scale, where 1 means "I don't really want to, but if nobody else steps forward I'll do it to keep the list going" and 5 means "Yeah, OK, I don't mind" and 10 means "I'd really like to contribute to the list by doing this." Note: the 'retiring' List Admin is perfectly welcome to volunteer her/himself, if willing to serve for another year.

    At the end of the week, the volunteer with the highest number becomes a List Admin. If needed, the "other" List Admin will pick a 'winner' from those tied with the highest number by some random method.

    The retiring and continuing List Admins will fill the new List Admin in on how to handle the administrivia.

    General Note:

    This FAQ was originally written by Susan Beth for Space City. It was later revised by Tiger M for Freedom City. Still later it was revised by Meg. It was revised again in 2003 by Susan Beth, Anna and Harriet, and again in 2008 by Harriet and Nico. It will no doubt be revised many times in the future as new topics arise and new List Admins take over. It's alive! ;-)

    Last updated on 20 August 2008.

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