Episode 4/13 - Blake.

Servalan is now aware of the location of Xenon base, so the Scorpio crew destroy it as they abandon it. Avon reveals that he has found a leader to unite the rebel forces and defeat the federation. On the planet of Guada Prime, Orac has located the location of Blake, now working as a bounty hunter.

As they near the planet, Scorpio is attacked. The crew are beamed to safety whilst Tarrant stays on board to crash land the ship. He's rescued from the wreckage by Blake, who hands him over for a reward. Tarrant sees this as an act of betrayal.

Believing Tarrant's words about his betrayal by Blake, Avon kills blake just as Federation guards storm into the room. One-by-one, the Scorpio crew are shot, except for Avon. He is surrounded by Federation troops as he stands over Blake's dead body and simply smiles. A volley of gunshots are heard as the credits roll ...

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Last updated on 17th of December 2000.

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