Deliverance Pictures

By Julia Jones

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David Jackson (Gan)
David Maloney (The Producer for series 1-3)
Gareth and "Paul"
Paul Darrow could not attend as he was taking part in Guards Guards, so was represented by a life sized portrait
Gareth with Stephen Greif (Travis I)
Henry, the Decima (Collecting his prize for the Fancy Dress)
Jackie Pearce (Servalan)
Sheelagh Wells, Judith Rolls (Production Secretary) and Joe Nazzaro
Michael Keating (Vila)
Peter Tuddenham (Voices of Zen, Orac and Slave) with Jan Chappell (Cally)
Sally Knevette (Jenna)
Stuart Fell, Stunt Co-Ordinator doing a magic show...
There were also many models and costumes on display including this pursuit ship

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