Blake's 7 - Herstmonceux

By Steve Rogerson

OK here's my report of our day at the place with the long name beginning with H.

For those not sure what I am talking about, the BBC was planning to show a Blake's 7 episode as part of its Over the Moon series on its new digital channel BBC Choice in mid-January and it wanted to interview some fans about it to go with the show. The filming was done on Monday and I was there.

Fifitrix drove Jenni and I down to this place in Sussex, which used to be the Royal Observatory before it was moved to Greenwich. Despite one wrong turn (due to naff navigating by me - back seat drivers eh), we soon knew we were on the right road when we spotted the large white domed shaped telescope. "Follow that tit," said Jenni, and we did to find it was backed by a number of smaller green tits, including the one astronomer Patrick Moore used to map the moon many years ago. Patrick Moore was there as he was fronting the programme. Fifitrix got him to sign a poster of Neptune, though we thought the five moons or Uranus would have been more apt.

The first thing we found out was that the programme wasn't on the early Jan schedule, so we were told late January or early Feb. As we were the first there we got to do our interviews first. Fifitrix was first up on the walkway around one of the green tits, with Jenni and I giggling behind the combined cameraman and interviewer Ralph Lee. Because of a weather change, she was the only one to be filmed in sunshine. I was next, and he asked me about fan fiction and portrayal of relationships in such. "How far do they go?" he asked. "As far as possible," I replied, and refused to be drawn further.

Jenni had problems with her bit cos the silver Avon top kept rustling the hidden microphone, but it was finished in the end and we all went back to the canteen for some lunch. Other fans arrived and were taken out for their interviews, including Judith Proctor.

Three Federation trooper outfits arrived and I ended up wearing one as we were filmed patrolling the tits and running across the site to arrest Jenni. Great fun. The rest of the fans were told to keep quiet while they were filming, but we heard you all laugh when we crashed into each other. You trying running around a wet field with restricted vision in boots at least one size too big. Jenni no doubt will post the comment about my swinging arm.

Ralph told us the episode they are going to show is The Web, which met with groans from us all and we suggested he pick something else, preferably with Travis and Servalan in as it will give a better feel of the nature of the show, so fingers crossed.

Finally bad news. I rang my cable provider today and was told no digital until spring, so I'll miss the show. If anyone is planning on taping it please let me know so I can borrow it. We will try to get a copy to show at Redemption as well.

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