Eclectic 21

This is Joyce Bowen's con report compiled from a couple of audio tapes I made for her. I asked Gareth if I could make a one-off recording for her and he agreed - Judith

Eclectic 21 --CON APPEARANCE-- May 25-27 at Leicester. Other B7 guests were Jacqueline Pearce, fan David Walsh (Servalan impersonator), and Frank Maher (stuntman). Thomas did some panels/talks and a dramatic reading/talk. He read several Shakespearean selections and some Dylan Thomas prose. He talked about quite a few things, some of which were (and these are not in any order) --- various acting experiences from the early days at RADA through his latest play Hamlet, his love and admiration of Shakespeare (Shakespeare is the man of the millenium) , Thomas, and good writers in general, the beauty of the English language (the most beautiful language in the world), how he did King Lear when younger and would like to do it again, his new Dalek Empire 1 audio CD, how Americans and Scots can't do Shakespeare properly, how swear words (fuck, etc.) are okay to say in proper context, how much he enjoys acting, how he likes to have fun and modern actors don't, various people such as Dylan Thomas (whom he met when he was six) and Lenny Bruce (whom he saw as a young actor), how he would love to be able to read Russian and enjoy the Russian writers in their own langauge, how Shakespeare should be seen first and then studied later--not vice versa, and his upcoming play at the Brunton in August, Moving Objects, which was written with him in mind.

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