Henry V as given by Jem Ward

Henry V: Act Four, Scene Three (given at Deliverance 98)

A space Commander attempts to inspire his men for the forthcoming battle against the Andromedans.

"Then shall our names, familiar in his mouth as household words,
Blake the Rebel, Avon and Vila, Jenna and Cally
be in Gareth's flowing cups freshly remembered.
This story shall the good man teach his son (by showing him the videos).
And anniversary convetions shall ne'er go by from this day until the
ending ogf the world, but we in them shall be remembered.
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers:
For she today that sheds her blood with me
shall be my Supreme Commander (and possibly President)
Be she ne'er so vile, this day shall gentle her condition.
And Federation Troopers, now abed,
shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here;
and hold their manhoods cheap, whilst any speaks,
that fought with us at the end of Series Two."

Henry V: Prologue (given at Redemption 99)

The opening speech of Henry V, written by the Bard when he had just finished watching the videos of the first two series.

"O for a Muse of Fire, that would ascend
the brightest Heaven of invention.
A Universe for a stage, Heros to act,
and Madam President to behold the swelling scene.
Then should the handsome Blake, like himself,
assume the part of Liberator, and at is heels
(leash'd in, like hounds) should Jenna and Cally and Gan
crouch for employment. But pardon, gentles all,
the under-budgeted production team, that havr dar'd,
in this unworthy Betchworth quarry, to bring forth
so great an object. Can this BBC studio hold
the vastness of space? Or may we cram
onto this special effects set the very ships
thaat did affright the air at Star One?
O pardon: since in this series two extras must
attest to be a crowd!
And let us, interpreters of this great account,
on your imaginary forces work.
Suppose within the girdle of these wobbly sets
are now confined two mighty Ideologies: the Federation and the Rebels.
Those high, upreared, and abutting flats...
Let us hope that the perilously dodgy scenery does not part asunder!
Piece our our imperfectionss with yuor thoughts:
into a thousand roles cast one stuntman
and make an imaginary 5th Legion.
think when we talk of ships, that you see them,
not Blue Peter models made from washing-up liquid bottles.
For 'tis your thoughts that must now deck our heros,
carrying them here and there (using Time Distort facilities);
turning the accomplishment of four years
into a series of fifty minute episodes: for the supply of which
name we Nation and Boucher to be authors of this history;
and I, prologue-like, your humble patience pray,
gently to hear, and kindly to judge out parade."

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