Photos of the "Guests"

Brian Croucher and the Standee

Brian Croucher and the Standee of Gareth

Brian Croucher, Joe Nazzaro, Gareth (Wooden performance), Sheelagh Wells, Jane Killick

Brian Croucher and Gareth (does he ever stop drinking?)

Brian Croucher and Gareth (A solid performance)

Jane Killick, Gareth (Still with a drink), Sheelagh Wells, Joe Nazzaro, Brian Croucher

Brian Croucher, Joe Nazzaro, Gareth, Sheelagh Wells, Jane Killick

Servalan (David Walsh), an anonymous Federation Trooper and Travis (Brian Croucher)

Servalan in a genuine Servalan Dress.

Brian Croucher, Joe Nazzaro, Sheelagh Wells, Jane Killick and Servalan during the closing ceremony.

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