Redemption '01 - Photos by Richard Proctor


Ruth B

Judith looking away

Boulevard on Thurs

Katherine Woods

Neil Faulkner

Susan Bennett and bear

Gareth during opening

Guests during opening

Spock (aka Gary Stratmann) the logical choice

Spock in better focus

Londo (aka Lesley Rhodes / McIntee)

G'Kar (aka David McIntee)

Ares - its a god thing (aka Steve Kilbane)

Clangers for president



Lord Refa investigates the murder

Room party

Nicola shows off

Leather, Leather

Cameras at 6 feet
See Vilaworld for the Rita's image.

Party fills up

Steve Kilbane and Kathrine Woods

More Party

Louise @ Disco

Jacqueline Thijsen @ breakfast

Jacqueline Thijsen @ breakfast

Breakfast for 3 continents - Ivan Rukaber - UK, Kathryn Andersen - Australia, Sheryl Haven - USA

Our Dealers Table

Our Dealers Table

Servalan in dealers room

Captain Scarlet

Web sites right

Web site left


Centari again

The Boulevard



Emperor Cartagia

Centari Lord

Centari Lord and Lady

Nicola as Servalan

Mum (aka Seven of Nine) with baby Galaxyquest

Steve and Fifitrix filking


Helen Brunton

Reduced Blake's 7 Company

The Directors

More Servalan

Judith and Michael introduce the Klingon marrige ceremony, adapted for Centari and Narn

Do they come to blows?

All costumes on stage at end

Michael gets into the spirit of the Rocky Horror...

Michael gets into the spirit of the Rocky Horror...

Rachel, Una and Alison for disco

The Boulevard is normally full

Louise takes pictures of nearly anything

Michael meets bagpus

Augustus (a purple gorilla) and Bagpus, if there was another picture it would be censored.

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